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Starting March 4, 2019, I will be biking solo across Europe from East to West. Starting in Istanbul, Turkey and ending in Portugal on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. I am raising funds for a great cause with Breakfast Club of Canada.

They help feed thousands of kids every day that would go without food otherwise. Every dollar donated, feeds one child. There are schools on the wait list to become Breakfast Club participants. My hope is to reach my goal of $15,000, which will add one of these waiting schools to the program!

The approximate distance is 4500 kms & should take 1 month. My route will go through Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Crotia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, & Portugal. My mission is to Cycle, Connect & Contribute.



  • Richard & Shauna Fyfe100 $Thank you so much Ryan for being an inspiration to us, and for your friendship! You are amazing! Wishing you an incredible, beautiful and safe journey across Europe!
  • The Olatundun Family250 $Dear Ryan, Thank you for creating awareness to such a worthy cause. We appreciate the sacrifices you have made to do this. Biking across Europe to raise money for this program is just phenomenal. Glad that we can help in some small way. More importantly we are going to spread the word! No child should be without breakfast! Keep going! You are doing amazing and we are super proud!!!!
  • Dennis & Shaliza
  • TMG1 500 $DT, GT and MK wishing you a safe journey....TMG Strong
  • Jenny Skene
  • Marc Rouire250 $Proud of you bud. Keep it up.........
  • Jack eyers100 $
  • Chantal Lavoie20 $Wishing you all the best on your incredible adventure!
  • Ilona Orosz
  • John Hindle50 $Proud of you Ryan. Hang in there!
  • Rudy Ramchandar50 $Wonderful theme and project! Glad to be able to support it.
  • Kim & Kevin Byczek50 $Wishing you all the Best!
  • Raechelle and Duane 100 $Can’t wait to hear all about it. You are an inspiration.
  • Scott, Lori, Coralie and Lincoln Anderson100 $So proud of you Uncle Ryan! Can’t wait to hear about your adventure!
  • K Kalinowsky & G Irwin250 $Go Ryan - so very proud of all your accomplishments!
  • James Kulus100 $This is going to be an awesome adventure. Be safe and enjoy!!
  • Skott Enns200 $What an amazing journey for an amazing cause... enjoy the adventure!!
  • tim wachter100 $
  • Bud and Carmell 100 $I love that you have the courage and strength to do this. Please keep us updated along the journey and even though we aren't with you we are with you!!!
  • Dan Pultr100 $
  • M . Harland
  • Brent Bailey500 $So incredibly proud to count you among my friends. You inspire me everyday! #allin
  • Gina Monaco100 $Good Luck!
  • Your Castle Mortgage Family1 000 $We are proud of you, Ryan! Be safe and have fun!

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