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2018 Marathon Des Sables challenger, Mathieu McCaie! 

In April 2018, Mathieu McCaie will be running over 250 kms in the Sahara Desert while raising funds for the Breakfast Club of Canada! 

Mathieu is an entrepreneur, father of 2, spouse and fellow rotarian! 

Follow his quest at



  • Vikki Fournier50 $Bravo!
  • Marc et Lise
  • Aubrey D100 $
  • Joanne & Tony Martin20 $Your kind heart and determination define my nefew Mathieu McCaie as a true human being. Best wishes on all your adventures. Proud of you raising money for the less fortunate. xox
  • Wendy Hennecke
  • Group Donation - Rotary Club 225 $
  • shane chisholm100 $
  • Greenlight Design40 $All the best! Stay safe
  • TMG100 $
  • Kathy McEwen Hepner100 $Wishing you good health during your trek, and success in achieving your goal.
  • Katy Mackenzie50 $Good luck! Your TMG Family is cheering you on!
  • Roy Cui100 $
  • Melissa Paris200 $Bonne chance :) Tu va très bien réussir!!!!
  • Chad Watts20 $
  • Danielle Duffie 50 $Good job!!!
  • Anonyme10 $
  • Ben and Colleen Schurman
  • Andrew Matheson
  • Gina Duguay50 $What a great experience and adventure for you!! All the best to you during your week in Morocco :)
  • Layne Walters100 $
  • Natacha Berube 20 $
  • Darren Hansen50 $Great Job Mathieu! Best of luck.
  • TMG1 000 $Good work Matt!
  • Sylvain Nadeau
  • Studio Unisex Elegante100 $I have a true admiration for you.. Brave, Ambitious and generous! Great father and husband to be. The kids and I are very greatful and lucky to have you around, a great role model in our lives! You truly are an insperation I know you will run toward that finish line with flying colours! We are proud of you Xox Julie, Jake and Max
  • TMG Alberta2 000 $
  • Kenneth King100 $Way to go, Matt!
  • Anonymous High School Kid5 $I gave a presentation to a high school. After the presentation was done, one of the kids came up to me and emptied his pocket. Gave me his last 0.50$. He said I cannot give much but I can give you this. This kid was truly genuine and wanting to give. It touched my heart and I promised I would get it to The Breakfast Club of Canada
  • Tanya Appel100 $
  • Jason St-Onge
  • Brian Gentles100 $Go well Mathieu. We're behind you and good on you to be raising the funds for Breakfast Club of Canada. We know you work on lots of very worthy causes.
  • Optimal Financial Centre100 $
  • Anonyme500 $
  • Linda Caissie
  • Darrell Nameth
  • Sandra Gentles
  • Taran Gulati100 $
  • Altitude Progres Organisationnel200 $Bon succes Mathieu! Je te souhaite des beaux mirages tout au long de ton parcours :)
  • Gord Appel100 $We are behind you - figuratively! Thanks for taking the lead!
  • Dan20 $
  • Khider El Kadri100 $Good on you brother. You make humanity shine. Proud to a friend of yours.
  • Leanne Gould 50 $What dedication Mathieu Your colleagues are proud of you and lucky to have you in TMG. Good luck.
  • Krista Pike50 $This is a fantastic thing you are doing Matthew!
  • David Gens50 $
  • Gilles McCaie100 $Very challenged and determined young man. Proud of your determination. Mom and Dad.
  • Anne McIntosh
  • April Morin - Merix Financial
  • Veronica Love-Alexander100 $Go Mathieu Go! Good luck with the run and the fundraising!
  • Graysbrook Capital Ltd
  • Dennis McCaie100 $Amazing.
  • Earl Smith100 $Your an inspiration Mathieu. Great cause.
  • Trevor Gordon 20 $
  • Debbie Twitchell1 500 $
  • Dan Pultr100 $You are an inspiration my friend. Good on you for doing this.
  • Shawn Arseneault20 $Good on you Mathieu for using your platform to bring attention to a great cause! Best of luck at the Marathon des Sables, we will all be cheering for you!
  • Gina Monaco100 $

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