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2018 will be a tough year...I've been tossing around the idea of running my first 100 miles and participating at one of the race of the UTMB for a few years but recently committed myself to this goal. I've been training for a few months and feel pretty great despite constantly stiff legs and an insatiable appetite (I won't lie, I'm truly enjoying non-stop eating).

How to get there without dying, training is key: 3000km to do until end of September.

2018, 2 races

  • Sulfur Spring trail race, 26th of May, 100 miles with an elevation gain of 3,800 meters.
  • Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc #CCC, August 31st , 101 km with an elevation gain of 3,800 meters.

    I truly appreciate any support and donations. I'm looking forwarding to writing some thank you notes, telling hilarious stories of my mile 22 misery, and sharing my climbing/belaying skills with some donors!

However, am not content running just to fulfill a personal goal I'm running to raise money for the Breakfast Club of Canada.

Please contribute a few cents for each km I will race or do during my training.

I truly appreciate any support and donations. I'm looking forwarding to writing some thank you notes, telling hilarious stories about what happen on race day!



  • Phil Szuch30 $Take something you love and make it better!
  • Lyndon and Andrea50 $Great job LF, I have no doubts that you can do it!
  • Anonyme20 $
  • Corey Dravinskis30 $Best of luck! I hope you achieve your goals!
  • Milos A.50 $Good luck LF!
  • Cynthia30 $Wow Louis Fred! that distance is amazing! All the best in the journey ahead :)
  • paul e100 $Fantastic effort Louis-Fred and for such a worthy cause! Run safe!
  • Alain Cloutier50 $ Bon succès Louis-Fred! You inspire me a lot! I wish you all the best, I'm sure you will enjoy every moment. Take care!
  • Jennifer Hughes50 $Good luck on accomplishing your inspiring goal!
  • Peggy Littleford30 $One of the only few ways to exercise your heart is by running, so keep going!
  • Sonya Robert
  • Andrea Ross50 $Tough one! Enjoy the journey and keep your health top of mind. How many pairs of Hokas will you need!? HA!
  • Kathy Davey50 $Good Luck LF! I know you've got this :)
  • Julia30 $Run LF, run!
  • Brendan30 $Alright Louis-Fred! Fantastic that you will support BCC with your amazing efforts this summer.
  • Cheri 40 $Wow! You're inspirational Louie :-)
  • Waleed & Sophie 50 $
  • Anonyme20 $
  • Kevin and Jessica Huynh100 $Keep up the amazing work Louis! We’re proud of you no matter the result!
  • Nancy M50 $What an undertaking. Fantastique!!!
  • Crace Zhang
  • Anonyme5 $
  • Amanda Fitz30 $Your dedication is inspirational! Good luck, stay healthy and keep us updated on your progress!
  • Karl30 $Good Luck!
  • Jen Bennink50 $You're a rock star, LF! Can't wait to hear all about it.
  • Megan S30 $You are doing awesome Louis!! Glad I can be apart of your journey!! Keep on moving forward!
  • Jonelle Ricketts30 $This is incredible...and for such a worthy cause. I don't like the idea of driving that far, let alone running that distance! Can't wait to see you accomplish this goal. Hoping for injury-free training in the coming months!
  • Marie & Phillip60 $Good luck LF!
  • laura b50 $So amazing - thanks for bringing us into your adventure and supporting such an amazing organisation!!! You are an inspiration :)
  • Vicky B50 $Awesome Louis-Fred! Know you will do it!
  • Anik Vo30 $Go! Go! Go! You got this!!! On est avec toi!
  • Paula Patterson
  • Oscar Pavon (Louis-Frederick: you are my hero)50 $ENJOY IT!!
  • Yolanda100 $Fantastic!
  • Maher30 $Great Sport for a Great Reason... Many many thanks!! Safe Running.. God Bless!
  • Jonathan Boodhoo50 $Common LF, only 100km? I can run more than my entire lifetime though. lol. Great job! and for a great cause.
  • Mo Barry30 $This is awesome - Louis-Fred, you're a superstar! Thank you for using your love for running to support such a great program. Good luck, you can do it!! :)
  • Sonia
  • Alicia & William60 $Wow! Good luck with your training and races!! Thanks for linking to the Breakfast Club :)
  • Angela Faccenda100 $LFR, your doing something I could never do, and I commend you for your devotion to your sport. I hope everything goes to plan, but most of all, I hope you stay safe and well before, during and after such a feat ! Angela
  • Kristina Preece30 $Way to go Louis-Fred! You've got this!!
  • Graham Pascal30 $TACK!!!!
  • The Guests
  • Ryan Strauss30 $This is amazing, thanks for taking this on for such a great cause!!
  • Kayla Gosselin30 $Run run run!!
  • Andrew
  • Bruno
  • Melissa30 $You're going to rock it Louis-Fred!!

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